Terms and conditions

Good agreements make good friends. It is important to us to inform you about our terms and conditions regarding the different be•at VIP Experiences.


  • The prices of the different be•at VIP Experiences are mentioned with and without VAT. The VAT is charged to the buyer. All costs at the expense of the buyer are included in the price, except as indicated below.

  • The be•at VIP Experiences consists of services (including access to the event, catering, parking,…) on which VAT is applied in the country where the services are provided, in this case, Belgium, following Articles 47, 53, and 55 of the European VAT Directive 2006/112/EC. Thus, these services cannot be considered ‘intra-community services’ and may therefore not be invoiced without Belgian VAT.


  • Your reservation will be held in your name to the extent that the payment term mentioned is respected. You can pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard), debit card, or iDEAL.

  • The be•at confirmation e-mail contains a link to request an invoice, in case you need one for professional purposes.

  • The individual or company ordering the tickets is considered the rightful client and stands surety for payment, even if the be•at VIP Experience tickets will be invoiced, booked, and transmitted to a third party.

Payment and delivery

  • After receiving your order, you will get a confirmation via e-mail from be•at and Ingenico.

  • At the earliest 3 weeks before the event, your be•at VIP Experience tickets will be available in your online portal, on condition of payment.


  • Our products (tickets, vouchers) always remain our exclusive intellectual and material property. Consequently, any reprinting or copying in any form or using any process whatsoever is strictly prohibited. Each ticket can only be scanned once at the entrance. Holders of duplicates will be barred from entering.

  • Except in the case of written approval by the organizer, any commercial use of the name or logo of the event or artist is strictly prohibited.

  • It is strictly prohibited to commercialize the be•at VIP Experience or to make it available to third parties in any way, without prior approval of be•at venues nv. It is therefore forbidden to organize contests, set up commercial campaigns, or resell or pass on the be•at VIP Experiences to anyone else. Be•at venues nv is entitled to deny access to holders of resold, commercialized, or otherwise transferred tickets, without any form of compensation for the original or subsequent buyer or holder.

Change or cancellation

  • Changes to the program, dates, and/or location of the shows, changes in the set-up and/or availability of the seats, and cancellations of shows are the sole responsibility of the organizer.

  • Be•at VIP Experiences are only reimbursed or exchanged by be•at venues nv in case the event is canceled. Buyers will then be notified by e-mail and will receive the necessary instructions for reimbursement or to exchange their tickets to another event.

  • Be•at venues nv holds the right to change the content of the be•at VIP Experiences at all times. In case of any modification, we will inform the buyer in advance and, if the proposed alternative is not accepted, give the option to cancel the booking without any extra cost.

Complaints or disputes

  • Complaints can be made through the contact form or by phone, by calling +32 3 400 40 44.

  • Any disputes will be brought before the courts and tribunals of Antwerp.


  • There is a chance that photos will be taken of those present at be•at VIP Experiences. These pictures can be used on our communication channels (website, social media, print). If you prefer not to be photographed, you can inform the photographer, or let us know through the contact form or by calling +32 3 400 40 44.

  • Please also read our privacy policy, which is an integral part of our terms and conditions.

Cancellation policy

For private individuals

Definition: a private individual is anyone who places orders without any commercial purpose. The order is for their own account or, by extension, for third parties within the domestic sphere (family and friends), and for their own use, whether or not in the presence of the third party.

The right of cancellation included in Article VI.47 of the Code of Economic Law does not apply to contracts concluded through this website, based on Article VI.53,12° of the Code of Economic Law. Therefore, the right of cancellation does not apply and the consumer does not have the right to renounce his purchase.

Nevertheless, be•at venues nv will carefully consider any request for cancellation within 24 hours after reservation. If a cancellation is deemed possible, we will charge an administrative fee consisting of 10% of the total amount. A cancellation request has to be submitted by e-mail through the contact form.

For companies

Definition: a company is an entity, with or without a VAT identification number, that places orders for third parties outside the domestic sphere (clients, business relations, employees) from a specific commercial point of view.

Every order placed by companies is final.

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