Reusable cups

In all be•at venues, your drink will be served in a reusable cup, reducing waste as well as our carbon footprint.

When you order a drink at the bar, it will be served in a reusable cup. When your drink is finished, you can return the cup in two different ways.

At the bar

Return your cup to one of the bars in the venue.

In the appropriate bins

You can also deposit your cup in the designated bins.
Please note! Reusable cups do not belong in the regular PMD trash bins! This is because the PMD waste is recycled, while the cups are washed and reused.
There are plenty of bins available specifically for the reusable cups. They will be clearly marked.

Reusable cups

Some rules of thumb

  • Do not take the reusable cups home with you. You must return the cup before leaving the venue.

  • Do not throw the cups on the floor. This way they break and cannot be reused. In addition, it can be dangerous for those who step on them.

Be•at is legally obliged to recover at least 90% of the cups. We can only achieve this goal with your cooperation.

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