By metro, by tram or by bus

Smart Ways to Antwerp route planner

Use the Smart Ways to Antwerp route planner to plan the smoothest route to the Sportpaleis.

Free use of metro, tram and bus

Save yourself the stress of traffic jams and parking and come to the Sportpaleis by public transport. You don't even have to pay anything extra.

Your ticket to the Sportpaleis is a combined ticket. Not only does it give you access to the venue, it is also your ticket for the metros, trams and buses of De Lijn in the province of Antwerp. This is because your ticket price includes a contribution for free use of tram and bus.
Please note! Your entrance ticket is only valid as a ticket on the day of the show, and only for your return trip to the Sportpaleis.

By metro, by tram or by bus

Metro, tram and bus stops nearby

Several bus, tram and metro lines stop close to the Sportpaleis.

Metro stop Sport

  • Line 2 (from Hoboken to P+R Merksem and vice versa)

  • Line 3 (from P+R Melsele to P+R Merksem and vice versa)

  • Line 6 (from P+R Olympiade to P+R Luchtbal and vice versa)

Metro stop Schijnpoort

Line 5 (from Wijnegem to P+R Linkeroever and vice versa)

Tram stop Schijnpoort

Line 12 (from Centraal Station to Schijnpoort and vice versa)

Bus stop Sportpaleis

Line 19 (from Deurne Zuid to Sportpaleis and vice versa)

Bus stop Schijnpoort

Line 23 (from Centraal Station to Noorderplaats and vice versa)

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