MNM & Radio 2 - Back To The 80s, 90s & Nillies 2024

Get ready for a crazy night full of delicious and typical 90s beats that we smoothly pimp into the mix with a hip touch of 80s classics and a magical touch of nillies hits! The biggest 90s party in the country is not only fresher, but more importantly hipper than ever before!


  • Haddaway

  • Leopold3

  • Mark with a K ft. MC Chucky

  • Danzel

  • Alice Deejay

  • DJ F.R.A.N.K.

  • 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

  • Belle Perez & friends

  • James Cooke & Gert Verhulst

  • Helmut Lotti

  • Jody Bernal

  • 5napback

  • Nina Black

  • Magik

  • Peter Van de Veire

Timing to follow


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