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Combiticket: entry ticket = ticket for trams and buses of De Lijn

By using public transport together with other visitors, your fun already starts before you reach the venue. Your combiticket allows you to relax during your journey to and from the venue. No traffic jams, no endless looking for parking spots and definitely no queuing to leave the parking space after the event.

Comfortable and efficient

Your ticket to attend an event at the Sportpaleis or Lotto Arena is a combiticket. This means that it grants you access to the event and is also valid as a ticket to use on trams and buses in Antwerp operated by De Lijn.

The premetro stop on lines 2, 3 and 6 is located between the main entrance of the Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena. The overground tram stop of line 5 is located at the entrance/exit of the premetro on Ten Eekhovelei, just a 5 minute walk away from Sportpaleis/Lotto Arena.

Contribution: The Sportpaleis strives to make your journey to and from the venue as convenient and green as possible. Therefore we cooperate with De Lijn to deploy extra buses and trams on the day of an event. To allow us to continue this service a small contribution of each visitor of 0.50 euros in included in the ticket price. This “contribution for complimentary use of P+R, tram and bus” is much cheaper than a normal round trip public transport ticket. We understand that some customers won’t use/need this service and thus would like to get their 0.50 euros back. If you’re living inside a 1.5 km perimeter around the venue or you are organizing bus transport on your own you’re entitled to such refund. Click here to access the refund form

Getting there from downtown

Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena are easily accessible out of the city center of Antwerp by taking one of the following trams or buses departing downtown:

  • premetro lines 3 and 5
  • overground tram line 12 (leaves Centraal Station every 15 minutes)
  • bus lines 19 and 23 (bus stops are close to the venue)
  • tram lines 2 and 6 (Antwerp north-south connection and runs through the area of the Central Station; line 2 runs between Hoboken and Merksem; line 6 runs between Olympiade and Luchtbal)

The metro station Opera serving lines 3, 5, 9 and 15 is closed till October 2019 due to renovation works. Metro stations nearby are Meir, Astrid and Diamant.

Easily accessible from a Park+Ride

Drive to one of the several Park+Ride areas and continue your journey stress free by taking a tram to the Sportpaleis or Lotto Arena with your combiticket.

P+R Antwerp

From the west

Drive from East and West Flanders to one of the following P+R car parks:

  • Zwijndrecht/Melsele (travel time on tram: 24 min)
  • Blancefloerlaan (travel time on tram: 15 min)
  • Frederik van Eedenplein (travel time on tram: 12 min)
    All these P+R spots are serviced by tram line 3 towards Merksem (disembark at tram stop Sport) or tram line 5 towards Wijnegem (disembark at tram stop Sportpaleis)

Please note that the Frederik van Eedenplein, Thonetlaan and Beatrijslaan are metered parking Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. The backstreets, including a large part of the Blancefloerlaan, are located in a blue zone where a parking disc is mandatory Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.

From the south

Driving northbound on the A12, take exit 13 (Antwerpen Zuid/Hoboken/Wilrijk), keep right and park at the P+R Olympiade. This P+R is serviced by tram line 2. Though this P+R metered parking, the first 12 hours of parking are free.

From the north

Park at P+R Keizershoek near the Carrefour in Merksem and ride on tram line 3 towards Zwijndrecht or tram line 2 towards Hoboken. Disembark at tram stop Sport (travel time: 11 min)

If you are driving southbound on the A12, take exit 16 (Ekeren), merge onto the Noorderlaan and after 3.7 km you’ll reach the P+R Luchtbal on your right, close to the cinema complex Kinepolis. Ride on tram 6 towards Olympiade. Disembark at tram stop Sport.

From the east

Drive from the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg to Wijnegem, where you’ll be able to easily park on public proberty. Please note that parking lots of the Wijnegem Shopping Center close at night. Then take tram 5 to the tram stop Sportpaleis, which is located near the parking area Ten Eekhove. The next stop Schijnpoort is also within walking distance of the venue.

Or park at the P+R Bosuil next to the Bosuil football stadium in Deurne, Alfons Schneiderlaan (not available when there are football games, please check at Take tram 5 towards Antwerpen P+R Linkeroever and disembark at tram stop Sportpaleis.

Antwerp tram network

Antwerp tram network

Route planner De Lijn

You can also plan your public transport journey towards an event on your own and fit it perfectly to your needs! You’ll be able to plan your own route using buses, trams and trains of De Lijn (combiticket), NMBS, MIVB and TEC. And you’ll also learn how much less carbon monoxide you are emitting by taking that specific route.


Return journey De Lijn (subject to changes)

De Lijn assures combiticket users that the last buses or trams back aren’t scheduled until midnight or even later. You can find the schedule of the last trams below.

  • premetro line 2 P+R Merksem > Hoboken: 00:44 (stop Sport)
  • premetro line 2 Hoboken > P+R Merksem: 00:15; on Sunday: 00:14 (stop Sport)
  • premetro line 3 P+R Merksem > P+R Melsele: 00:14 (stop Sport)
  • premetro line 3 P+R Melsele > P+R Merksem: 00:43 (stop Sport)
  • premetro line 5 Wijnegem > P+R Linkeroever: 23:54 (overground tram stop Sportpaleis at Ten Eekhove)
  • premetro line 5 P+R Linkeroever > Wijnegem: 00:39 (overground tram stop Sportpaleis at Ten Eekhove) + at 01:04 still one ride till stop Ertbrugge (Deurne depot)
  • premetro line 6 P+R Olympiade > P+R Luchtbal: 01:02 (stop Sport) + at 01:22 still one ride till the stop near Kinepolis (P.A.L. depot)
  • premetro line 6 P+R Luchtbal > P+R Olympiade: 00:50 (stop Sport)
  • tram line 12 Sportpaleis > Centraal Station: 00:30
  • bus line 19 Sportpaleis > Deurne Zuid: 00:40 (on Sunday 00:20)

The hour indications are the time of the last stop at/near the Sportpaleis/Lotto Arena.