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In our venue

Is your stomach growling? Are you really thirsty? No need to panic! The Sportpaleis offers some great snack and drinks inside the venue.

Eat & Greet

On the ground floor of the Sportpaleis you’ll find our food court Eat & Greet, where you’ll be able to fill your stomachs with drinks, Belgian fries and other filling fried snacks.

Food and drink stands

Ordering snacks and drinks is also possible at one of the many food and drink stands in the foyers of the Sportpaleis, located on the ground floor, first and second floor

Vending machines

Get a quick soft drink at one of the many vending machines.

Roving vendors

You’ll also find roving vendors wandering around in the venue, selling cool drinks and ice cream.

Cashless payment

You can pay cashless at the drink and food stands in the Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena.

Cheaper drinks in the Forest National, the Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena: order your tokens in advance

Buy tokens in advance and use them to pay your drinks and food in the Forest National, the Sportpaleis and the Lotto Arena.

One token ordered online is only 3.00 euros and can be used to buy a drink of 3.50 euros in the 3 venues.

Please note that the tokens do not give you financial benefits at the food stands in the 3 venues. Here, they keep their value of 3.00 euros.